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Our Services

For a wide variety of products, we can provide the following services:

Successful companies must be competitive!

Our competition comes from other fabricators, our suppliers and our customers. Fabricator competition is obvious, and many of the mills that we buy from provide fabricator services.

Our major challenge, which we have met for over 39 years, is to convince our customers that it is better to buy their parts from us rather than produce them in house. Our customers found that we were more responsive than the mills, and that we were a good partner in their supply chain.


Giben CNC Panel Saw


Our Giben CNC panel saws are considered among the most accurate in the industry. We check the calibration on ours daily.

Cut to Size

We have four Giben CNC Panel saws for extremely accurate cutting. Each model and configuration respond to specific requirements of the panel sizing industry.

All are designed to perform very high quality cuts in rip, cross, head, and re-rip modes, controlled by state-of-the art programmable computers. Our vacuum loader allows us to load books of thin material automatically, with an accurate count in each book.

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Biesse Akron 850 Edgebander
Our Biesse Akron 850 edgebander enables us to have consistent, high quality results.


With our heavy duty constructed Homag and Biesse Edgebanders we can apply efficiently and with high quality, any type of coiled edgebanding material from .4 mm to 3 mm thick.

We can also apply high pressure laminate and solid wood up to 3/4" thick. Among the several great features we offer are premilling, and corner rounding for 3mm material.

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CNC Biesse Router


We can work with virtually any material.

  • CNC Biesse Router (Skill 1536 G FT Nested Base Cell)
  • Our Busellato Machining Center enables us to make very accurate, repeatable cuts, boring, and routing.
  • We can supply drawer sides that can be either dovetailed or doweled.
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